Black Swan Legacy is a Digital Marketing and Management organization located in Flagler County, Fl. We operate an online digital marketing business that promotes digital marketing management, and offers marketing services to others. We apply a multitude of marketing strategies to increase the chance for success for our clients as well as optimize business growth.



Products and/or Services: 


Our services are superior to our competitors because we provide a full array of marketing strategies. We have unique marketing skill sets that enable us to attract new customers, provide high quality services, all at a low cost. Some of the services we offer include, but are not limited to:


Our Operations Plan details

Track and analyze customer behavior, deliver insights to decision makers quickly.

Design tailored marketing strategies based on market and customer insights; integrate phases and functions to deliver a pleasurable experience.

Employ flexible systems, working with various platforms and evolving solutions.

Set protocols for piloting new technology, strategies, data sharing across business, networking, and managing internal and external capabilities.

Continually track and manage marketing programs; and adapt based upon feedback.